Of Long Talks and Short Lived Mistakes

I posted this on facebook during the school year last year. I wanted to post it where I could get to it again and it involves Aron, so I am recording it here.

“Just had a long talk with my littlest boy about obedience. He’s ALWAYS so easy, it’s hard to take when he makes the wrong choice.

Even for him.

He has high expectations of himself.

I ended up telling him a story I remembered about my kindergarten year. How I wasn’t paying attention, and I didn’t hear Mrs. Hollister give directions. I didn’t use the Easter egg pattern to trace and cut out for my own picture, I colored right on the pattern. When my sweet teacher saw what I was doing and called my name, the rest of the class noticed too and began to tease and laugh at me a bit. I was nearly in tears when mercy came out of Mrs. Hollister’s mouth.

“Look what Mary Jo has done for us. She has made our pattern so pretty for the rest of us to use.”

She took my mistake and turned it into a blessing.

I love that memory.

I love what it did for me at 6 years old and I love what it did for me tonight, allowing me to tell my 6 year old that God always turns our mistakes into good things. It allowed me to translate Romans 8:28 into a kindergarteners understanding and I watched him recover from his own contempt.

Our sins, our mistakes, our horrible choices…they are NOTHING to the blood of Christ, they are NOTHING to His grace, He can turn all of it into a blessing, not just for us, but for those around us, even the people we have wronged.

Thank you Mrs. Hollister, I feel so blessed to have had your care and teaching. You showed love that continues to reach little kindergarten hearts you’ve never even met.”


Poor little guy hasn’t had his website updated since February. I can’t believe that and am truly ashamed of myself.

Aron has GROWN! He’s almost four now and showing every sign of accomplishing great things. He’s getting tall like his brothers and seems to keep up with almost everything they do.

Today as we shopped for a few grocery items, he held my list and announced the letters from each word for me. He has picked up on a lot and seems to be catching on to the sounds as well as the identity of the letters.

He is as affectionate as ever and still very much loves for me to hold him. Sometimes I think it’s just to make Ivan jealous though.

Independent, sometimes loud, sweet, often demanding, social, articulate, obedient, smart and adorable, Aron is only going to be three for a few more weeks. He’s anxious to start school so he can hang out with his brothers more. He knows almost everything, but never gets upset when I explain that he’s wrong. He takes life in stride and I’m very happy that he’s mine.

Three Good Years

My little Aron turned three in September. I have intended to do an update on him since then and have only written little bits here and there.

He is such a mix of baby and boy still, always independent in his desire to reach for greater things, but never far from the need to be held, cuddled, kissed and favored.

We had a joint brother birthday celebration for all three of the boys at the park so we did not do the customary cake and ice-cream or balloons on his birthday. Well, we did have some frozen yogurt, but I’ll get to that. We simply allowed Aron to choose the agenda for the day, including picking a store of his choice in which to select a toy for his birthday gift.

He chose, “Probidence.” We asked where in Providence and he responded, “Probidence.”

We ended up at Chick-Fil-A and he had a great time. We ate lunch and then they played on the playground for a while before we left for Target. This is where he wanted to pick out a gift and he came home with a cute little golf set.

His second restaurant choice which was Sweet Ce Ce’s for dessert. Sticky!

It’s been so long I can’t remember exactly what we did for dinner but it was probably something that doesn’t require silverware.

It’s been several months since his birthday and every day he is expanding his awareness, his understanding and his expression. He REALLY surprises me at times, not with what he knows, but what he understands in conversations around him. He catches everything, processes everything and makes logical conclusions.

The other day I noticed that he talks with his hands a lot. He’s always used a LOT of inflection when he talks, the past couple days he’s been emphasizing everything by holding out his hands and shaking his arms around when he’s explaining things to me. He gets this from his dad. He’s definitely a communicator.

My very favorite thing he’s ever said, happened today in the van. The older boys were saying that he didn’t know as much as they do and he argued some but mostly just sat there with a frustrated expression on his face. Finally he spoke up very emphatically, “I know TWO THINGS! I know my name, and I know God loves me!”

Wow. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that. If there’s anything I want for my boys it’s for them to know who they are and that God loves them. Everything else will fall into place if they know those two things.

Love that God chose me to be their mom.


Aron talks. I know I’ve mentioned it before. He talks a lot. He talks like a child much older than he is and I am now realizing that he talks to things much less like a human than he is as well.

Of late, I have caught him talking to his food a lot.

On Saturday during our annual Button/Fadely/Kelso holiday brunch the adults were all in the living room and most of the kids were upstairs playing. Aron was taking the opportunity to scrounge around in the kitchen for goodies that had not been devoured and found himself with a bowl of fresh blueberries at his disposal. I don’t know how long it had been going on but I kept hearing him screaming as if he were in trouble. Every time I would look at him he was smiling so I continued my own conversation. Finally it was getting a little irritating so I watched a little more closely to see what was happening. He was talking with his blueberries and they were trying not to get eaten. He would talk to them and then open his mouth and let out a screaming noise from the blueberries as they were tossed in. Poor blueberries.

Today it was over breakfast. He was eating his cereal and each little crunchy bite had a complaint or an appeal to remain uneaten. He would shake his head and let them know it was hopeless and then devour them.

I really do need to get video of this.

I do have an unedited video of him using his hands to have a conversation with each other. I can’t post it because in the majority of it he is too aware that I have a camera on him. Once he feels that he is safe and I’m ignoring him, his hands become little characters that run toward each other, yell at each other and have little wrestling matches on the counter in front of him. One of them always ends up losing the battle and flailing backward landing palm up in disgrace. I don’t know if it’s possible for me to edit and post that somewhere or not, but I hope to do that at some point.

Aron continues to be, in a word, FUN!

I love being his mom.

Aron’s Little World

The following quips and quotes are copied directly from my facebook posts over the past several months. The boys have all given me good stuff to share, and Aron is becoming more and more of a quotable fellow. His vocabulary is wonderful and his imagination is always surprising.

February 6, 2010: This morning Aron was excited about getting some cereal and said, “yeah, yeah I want some CRAPtain Crunch!” Mmmm.

February 21, 2010: Last night Aron (2) told us the story of the three little pigs all by himself. It was awesome. Used a falcetto voice to say…”not from the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”

March 25, 2010: Aron (2): “don’t wet the bugs bite…if they…take off your shoe and meat ’em till der black and bwue.” His version of “Don’t let the bed bugs bite…but if they do, take off your shoe and beat ’em till their black and blue.”

March 25, 2010: This evening Aron had a Disney book with a compilation of different classic stories open on the living room floor. He yelled to me in the kitchen with an urgent “Hey Mommy!” I looked and he said, “I found your name! I found your name! Your name is Mary Poppins!”

April 3, 2010: Aron (2) has a reverse stutter. He says a word then repeats the last sound of the word about three times. “Orange ge, ge, ge.” “Shirt t, t, t” It’s not every word he says, it’s only once and a while, but it fascinates me.

April 22, 2010: My tired out two year old put himself down for a nap yesterday. I sent him upstairs after lunch and found him 20 minutes later in his bed with his stuffed animals fast asleep. Love it.

April 27, 2010: Had to force some ice onto 2 yr. old Aron’s knee last night after a fall. He cried and cried, and then realizing that there may be a way out, he yelled in the happiest voice he could muster through tears: “IT’S BETTER MOM! YOU CAN STOP, IT’S BETTER!”

May 6, 2010: This morning, after Aron (2) and I went back and forth over whether or not he is a bubble, he stopped me short with, “Let’s not fight anymore, K?”

May 11, 2010: I often tell Aron (2) that I need him to
“behave.” He has started responding lately, “Okay…I’m being have.”

May 16, 2010: Aron wanted to take his nap in just a pull-up today so he asked, “Can I sleep in just my legs and belly?”

May 28, 2010: Sitting on the back porch eating their sandwiches together Ivan was making shapes by biting strategically around his sandwich. He announced, “Look, I made a cross.” Aron replied, “Oh, that’s just like what God fell on.” I guess we’ll have to review some theology with him.

May 29, 2010: Aron (2.5) “Mom, Leapster and beepster rhymes!”

My ‘Nother One Hand and Other Cute Phrases

11/18/09 – Instead of saying, “my other hand” when asking me to take care of something on the opposite hand I’m dealing with, Aron usually says “my ‘nother one hand.”

Of course the phrase applies to feet as well. “Mommy, I need shoe on my ‘nother one foot.”

1/26/10 – This morning when leaving the driveway of a friend, Aron pointed out the trees near the driveway. It is cold and the large trees on the property have roots that are more obviously exposed in the cold and grass free areas. He said, “Oh…the tree has bare feets.”

1/29/10 – I can hear the boys playing upstairs and Aron started singing, as he often does. “This wittew wight of mine, I’m gonna bwow it up! No!”

2/6/10 – Yesterday I took the boys with me to the BGM office to see uncle Joel who, along with our cousin Tobey Schwartz and a friend Mat Stutzman, were driving a semi truck and trailer into Nashville to pick up supplies and then deliver them to Florida where they would eventually go to Haiti. Yesterday was Tobey’s birthday so I made a little chocolate cake and frosting and stuck a candle in it. Aron didn’t know exactly what was going on but he knows uncle Joel and he knows a birthday cake when he sees one. After we had greeted each other and had been standing around for a few minutes Aron wanted to get the ball rolling and got his uncles attention. “Hey, Uncle Joel!” Then, pointing to the cake he said, “Here’s your party!”

This morning he came down the stairs first and wanted breakfast. He ran to the box where I keep the cereal and said, “yeah, yeah…I want some Craptain Crunch!”

Typically on Wednesday evenings and on Sunday mornings as we drive to church, Aron will point out a billboard that sits at the corner of Old Hickory Blvd. and Myatt Drive. I think it may be for a cowboy boot store but I can’t remember for sure. Regardless, there is a picture of a young lady with a cowboy hat on it and without fail, Aron will point to it and announce, “Hey! I see a cowboy girl!”

We are still constantly the audience to his knock knock jokes and his vocabulary is growing daily. He is very quick to learn and his observations are usually pretty accurate. He says “excuse me mommy” when I am speaking to someone else and he wants my attention. He says “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and he’s become very desirous of the attention of those around him. He will announce to strangers as we pass in the grocery store, “Hey, I’m Aron!” because surely they wanted to know.