Fourth Birthday

Aron had a birthday some time back and I’ve failed to update with a blog post. I will not write much on this, just post a few obligatory pictures from his party and the following morning when he and his brothers played with his gifts like it was Christmas morning.

He requested a Toy Story Cake. I didn’t want to buy a decorated cake, so I printed, cut and pasted until he was convinced it was indeed a Toy Story Cake.

He loved the books and for a while all was quiet while Owen sat and read to the other two.

The Tinker Toys were a big hit and the older brothers were just as thrilled with making things as Aron was.

Bradley picked out this light saber specifically for Aron. It’s red and he can carry it on his belt. He wasn’t even wearing pants in this picture, but I did get one (which I will not publish here) of it hanging on his underwear.

He had a great time at his party and has LOVED being another year older. He is wonderfully grown and sweetly still small. So glad he’s mine.

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