Poor little guy hasn’t had his website updated since February. I can’t believe that and am truly ashamed of myself.

Aron has GROWN! He’s almost four now and showing every sign of accomplishing great things. He’s getting tall like his brothers and seems to keep up with almost everything they do.

Today as we shopped for a few grocery items, he held my list and announced the letters from each word for me. He has picked up on a lot and seems to be catching on to the sounds as well as the identity of the letters.

He is as affectionate as ever and still very much loves for me to hold him. Sometimes I think it’s just to make Ivan jealous though.

Independent, sometimes loud, sweet, often demanding, social, articulate, obedient, smart and adorable, Aron is only going to be three for a few more weeks. He’s anxious to start school so he can hang out with his brothers more. He knows almost everything, but never gets upset when I explain that he’s wrong. He takes life in stride and I’m very happy that he’s mine.

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