Three Good Years

My little Aron turned three in September. I have intended to do an update on him since then and have only written little bits here and there.

He is such a mix of baby and boy still, always independent in his desire to reach for greater things, but never far from the need to be held, cuddled, kissed and favored.

We had a joint brother birthday celebration for all three of the boys at the park so we did not do the customary cake and ice-cream or balloons on his birthday. Well, we did have some frozen yogurt, but I’ll get to that. We simply allowed Aron to choose the agenda for the day, including picking a store of his choice in which to select a toy for his birthday gift.

He chose, “Probidence.” We asked where in Providence and he responded, “Probidence.”

We ended up at Chick-Fil-A and he had a great time. We ate lunch and then they played on the playground for a while before we left for Target. This is where he wanted to pick out a gift and he came home with a cute little golf set.

His second restaurant choice which was Sweet Ce Ce’s for dessert. Sticky!

It’s been so long I can’t remember exactly what we did for dinner but it was probably something that doesn’t require silverware.

It’s been several months since his birthday and every day he is expanding his awareness, his understanding and his expression. He REALLY surprises me at times, not with what he knows, but what he understands in conversations around him. He catches everything, processes everything and makes logical conclusions.

The other day I noticed that he talks with his hands a lot. He’s always used a LOT of inflection when he talks, the past couple days he’s been emphasizing everything by holding out his hands and shaking his arms around when he’s explaining things to me. He gets this from his dad. He’s definitely a communicator.

My very favorite thing he’s ever said, happened today in the van. The older boys were saying that he didn’t know as much as they do and he argued some but mostly just sat there with a frustrated expression on his face. Finally he spoke up very emphatically, “I know TWO THINGS! I know my name, and I know God loves me!”

Wow. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that. If there’s anything I want for my boys it’s for them to know who they are and that God loves them. Everything else will fall into place if they know those two things.

Love that God chose me to be their mom.