Aron talks. I know I’ve mentioned it before. He talks a lot. He talks like a child much older than he is and I am now realizing that he talks to things much less like a human than he is as well.

Of late, I have caught him talking to his food a lot.

On Saturday during our annual Button/Fadely/Kelso holiday brunch the adults were all in the living room and most of the kids were upstairs playing. Aron was taking the opportunity to scrounge around in the kitchen for goodies that had not been devoured and found himself with a bowl of fresh blueberries at his disposal. I don’t know how long it had been going on but I kept hearing him screaming as if he were in trouble. Every time I would look at him he was smiling so I continued my own conversation. Finally it was getting a little irritating so I watched a little more closely to see what was happening. He was talking with his blueberries and they were trying not to get eaten. He would talk to them and then open his mouth and let out a screaming noise from the blueberries as they were tossed in. Poor blueberries.

Today it was over breakfast. He was eating his cereal and each little crunchy bite had a complaint or an appeal to remain uneaten. He would shake his head and let them know it was hopeless and then devour them.

I really do need to get video of this.

I do have an unedited video of him using his hands to have a conversation with each other. I can’t post it because in the majority of it he is too aware that I have a camera on him. Once he feels that he is safe and I’m ignoring him, his hands become little characters that run toward each other, yell at each other and have little wrestling matches on the counter in front of him. One of them always ends up losing the battle and flailing backward landing palm up in disgrace. I don’t know if it’s possible for me to edit and post that somewhere or not, but I hope to do that at some point.

Aron continues to be, in a word, FUN!

I love being his mom.

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