Aron’s Little World

The following quips and quotes are copied directly from my facebook posts over the past several months. The boys have all given me good stuff to share, and Aron is becoming more and more of a quotable fellow. His vocabulary is wonderful and his imagination is always surprising.

February 6, 2010: This morning Aron was excited about getting some cereal and said, “yeah, yeah I want some CRAPtain Crunch!” Mmmm.

February 21, 2010: Last night Aron (2) told us the story of the three little pigs all by himself. It was awesome. Used a falcetto voice to say…”not from the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”

March 25, 2010: Aron (2): “don’t wet the bugs bite…if they…take off your shoe and meat ’em till der black and bwue.” His version of “Don’t let the bed bugs bite…but if they do, take off your shoe and beat ’em till their black and blue.”

March 25, 2010: This evening Aron had a Disney book with a compilation of different classic stories open on the living room floor. He yelled to me in the kitchen with an urgent “Hey Mommy!” I looked and he said, “I found your name! I found your name! Your name is Mary Poppins!”

April 3, 2010: Aron (2) has a reverse stutter. He says a word then repeats the last sound of the word about three times. “Orange ge, ge, ge.” “Shirt t, t, t” It’s not every word he says, it’s only once and a while, but it fascinates me.

April 22, 2010: My tired out two year old put himself down for a nap yesterday. I sent him upstairs after lunch and found him 20 minutes later in his bed with his stuffed animals fast asleep. Love it.

April 27, 2010: Had to force some ice onto 2 yr. old Aron’s knee last night after a fall. He cried and cried, and then realizing that there may be a way out, he yelled in the happiest voice he could muster through tears: “IT’S BETTER MOM! YOU CAN STOP, IT’S BETTER!”

May 6, 2010: This morning, after Aron (2) and I went back and forth over whether or not he is a bubble, he stopped me short with, “Let’s not fight anymore, K?”

May 11, 2010: I often tell Aron (2) that I need him to
“behave.” He has started responding lately, “Okay…I’m being have.”

May 16, 2010: Aron wanted to take his nap in just a pull-up today so he asked, “Can I sleep in just my legs and belly?”

May 28, 2010: Sitting on the back porch eating their sandwiches together Ivan was making shapes by biting strategically around his sandwich. He announced, “Look, I made a cross.” Aron replied, “Oh, that’s just like what God fell on.” I guess we’ll have to review some theology with him.

May 29, 2010: Aron (2.5) “Mom, Leapster and beepster rhymes!”

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