My ‘Nother One Hand and Other Cute Phrases

11/18/09 – Instead of saying, “my other hand” when asking me to take care of something on the opposite hand I’m dealing with, Aron usually says “my ‘nother one hand.”

Of course the phrase applies to feet as well. “Mommy, I need shoe on my ‘nother one foot.”

1/26/10 – This morning when leaving the driveway of a friend, Aron pointed out the trees near the driveway. It is cold and the large trees on the property have roots that are more obviously exposed in the cold and grass free areas. He said, “Oh…the tree has bare feets.”

1/29/10 – I can hear the boys playing upstairs and Aron started singing, as he often does. “This wittew wight of mine, I’m gonna bwow it up! No!”

2/6/10 – Yesterday I took the boys with me to the BGM office to see uncle Joel who, along with our cousin Tobey Schwartz and a friend Mat Stutzman, were driving a semi truck and trailer into Nashville to pick up supplies and then deliver them to Florida where they would eventually go to Haiti. Yesterday was Tobey’s birthday so I made a little chocolate cake and frosting and stuck a candle in it. Aron didn’t know exactly what was going on but he knows uncle Joel and he knows a birthday cake when he sees one. After we had greeted each other and had been standing around for a few minutes Aron wanted to get the ball rolling and got his uncles attention. “Hey, Uncle Joel!” Then, pointing to the cake he said, “Here’s your party!”

This morning he came down the stairs first and wanted breakfast. He ran to the box where I keep the cereal and said, “yeah, yeah…I want some Craptain Crunch!”

Typically on Wednesday evenings and on Sunday mornings as we drive to church, Aron will point out a billboard that sits at the corner of Old Hickory Blvd. and Myatt Drive. I think it may be for a cowboy boot store but I can’t remember for sure. Regardless, there is a picture of a young lady with a cowboy hat on it and without fail, Aron will point to it and announce, “Hey! I see a cowboy girl!”

We are still constantly the audience to his knock knock jokes and his vocabulary is growing daily. He is very quick to learn and his observations are usually pretty accurate. He says “excuse me mommy” when I am speaking to someone else and he wants my attention. He says “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and he’s become very desirous of the attention of those around him. He will announce to strangers as we pass in the grocery store, “Hey, I’m Aron!” because surely they wanted to know.

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  1. A 3rd amazing kid. You hit it out of the ballpark all three times!
    thanks so much for sharing these tidbits – i had fun imagining being right there to hear and see.

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