Hello Little Man

Aron has curly hair. He had a full head of hair at birth, not super thick, but definitely enough to cover his head. He grew and it stayed for the most part and has become curly as it’s thickened. I love curls.

Kris and I both had curls as small children. His were white blond curls that covered his head like a halo. Mine were dark blond and complimented my brown eyes nicely. It seemed strange to me that we should have any children with straight hair, yet our first two refused to grow curls. Yes, they each did have some swooping curls, but nothing that didn’t have to be encouraged and manipulated in order to look nice.

Aron grew curls and they stayed and they have been so much fun. However, of late (especially since the humidity of summer has become scarce) his curls have been less attractive, less easy to manage, less fun to clean food from, more apt to make him look straggly and unkempt and most distasteful…possibly making him mistakable as a little girl. We just can’t have that.

So yesterday…I took him to the barber. He and Ivan each had their hair cut and they are looking rather dapper. Ivan looks a little more like his cousin Clay when his hair is real short and Aron looks a lot like his cousin Christopher who also has dark eyes. Though Christopher’s hair is much thicker, more blond and straight…they’re faces are very similar and with Aron’s hair short I can see the similarity so much more clearly. They are close in age also, Christopher being just under three months older.

Kristy and I used to be mistaken for each other in our younger years, even though there is six years difference in our ages. I think now we look much different but it would stand to reason, given our previous looks, that we would produce little boys who look alike. It’s funny to me that they are both our third boys.

But you probably aren’t reading this, thinking…how interesting…tell me more about your sister and how much the two of you look alike. You are probably thinking…why haven’t you shown me any pictures yet. So I will:

First a before picture:

And now…the new Aron.

I like the short hair. It always amazes me how much it changes a persons looks to change their hair. I expect it will still grow in curly so we’ll let things grow for a while again and enjoy whatever God gives the little guy. I’m enjoying this look though. Hello little man…It’s nice to see you were in there.

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  1. I love these pics and his new look! it seems like he just got a year older doesn’t it? to me he looks just like Owen did at that age.

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