Aron continues to bring excitement and joy into the house. He is full of surprises and charm and seems to add a little extra color wherever he goes.

After the long day of the funeral for his great-grandma in Michigan he was exhausted. I was trying to feed him and keep him up yet a little while so that he wouldn’t go to bed too early. He was miserable and fell asleep several times here in his high chair at Grandpa’s house. It was so cute to see him doze off but it always made him mad when he would wake up and still be uncomfortable. Poor baby. He did finish his sandwich and he was able to stay up long enough to get dressed for bed and play with his brothers a little.

He is expressing himself remarkably well and his little cracking voice is terribly cute. He repeats everything which makes him sound a bit more mature than I think he really is, but I am continually impressed by what is apparent that he does understand. Yesterday in the van Ivan had threatened to do something he didn’t like and his immediate and forceful response was, “No you’re not!” It was unmistakably clear.

He is trying so hard to be big and do big things. He loves drinking from big boy cups and whatever his brothers do, he can do more of it. The only thing he doesn’t have any interest in yet is using the big boy potty. At almost two I was hoping he would be more interested, but at this point in the year I am happy to wait until after Christmas and New Year are over before tackling that giant.

His complete awareness and response to everything around him makes me feel that he is a quick and accurate thinker. He notices details and accurately relates names and places and even directions when we are out and about. He has twice now brought up names of little one’s he goes to church with. Asking me where Avea and Nico are at different times. He is bossy and forthright when it comes to what he wants. I fear he will overpower Ivan’s sensitive ways at times. Both must be balanced and maybe they will do that for each other as they grow.

Aron is an entertainer in many ways. He tells knock-knock jokes and has even begun to make up his own as he realizes the pattern of them. He falls down to get a response and loves laughter, whether it is with him, toward him or over his head. He begs to be tickled and his still very chubby center is a great target for our fingers. He seems to be a little more athletically coordinated than his brothers, though there is little to go on in that area. He is definitely left-handed. He will use his right hand for a few things but prefers his left for throwing a ball around.

He loves to argue. He will argue just for the sake of arguing. This morning I heard Ivan say something and Aron quickly shouted, “No Ivan!” and then repeated exactly what Ivan had said as if he disagreed with him. Ivan thought this was pretty funny.

He is sleeping right now, but has been after Kris and I all morning to be his playmate and especially to “race” with him. He is always ready for “on your mark, get set, go!” and seems to love the thrill of competition no matter how far back in the pack he is. He still shouts “I win!” no matter what. And as far as I’m concerned, he is a big winner.

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  1. I love his curls! I think Aron and Christopher look alike. Christopher has straight blond hair, but their faces and expressions are very similar.

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