“Funny Mommy”

Aron is hilarious. I find myself laughing at him a lot and he seems to have a real grasp of what I find humorous. What’s really cracking me up lately is that he tells me what’s funny.

When I play with the boys and make faces or sounds that make them laugh he will chuckle a little and then say, “funny mommy.” Like he’s telling me I did a good job.

This morning he even made the distinction from just funny to humor that’s silly. I had done something ridiculous and he responded with a big smile (not a laugh) and pointing his finger at me said, “silly mommy.”

His expressions change so much and he uses his eyebrows constantly. He’s mimicking everything. It doesn’t matter who said it, Aron will attempt to repeat it. Even the faces we make, sad, happy, angry, whatever…he mirrors our faces and joins in whatever mood is presented. Poor kid won’t know how he really feels about anything because he’s mocking everyone else’ feelings.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really, really enjoy him and this stage he’s in.

Scary Smart

I get a little startled sometimes at the things Aron says. He is so observant and seems to remember things very well. His greetings in the morning are becoming more than the one word shouts of “Mommy!” or “Morning!” He is now saying “morning sunshine!” when I enter his room. “Thank you mommy,” or “Thank you Ivan,” or whoever happened to be the one who turned the light on. He’s basically using sentences and using them well.

Today, he handed me an expired coupon that he found on the floor. We had used a similar coupon just a few days ago to get free chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A. He handed me the coupon and said, “Chicken nuggets mommy?” I blinked a few times as it really surprised me that he seemed to have made the correct association and then composed a three word sentence.

Just a few moments ago he pointed to the sandwich cutter in the dishwasher and said “heart mommy?” It is shaped like a heart.

The other day he was sitting on Kris’ lap and since he and I had discussed his age and Ivan and I had shown him how to hold one finger up I asked him to show off for daddy by saying, “how old are you Aron?” He looked right at me, frowned and said, “Ion’t know.”