20 Months

Aron is 20 months now and is talking constantly. He says most things clearly enough to understand but there is still a lot of gibberish thrown in.

Of late, he is repeating anything and everything his big brothers say. Yesterday on the way to church he was listening to Owen try to relate a story and was repeating loudly, about every third word. He points out houses and especially dogs as we drive along in the van and exuberantly declares “EAT!” when he is hungry.

This morning when I walked into his room to get him up he proudly said…”mounny!” He repeated this until it came out the right way to his ears. “mourny!…Morny!…Morning!” He is good sunshine for my day.

Later this morning I had all the kids in the van along with Madison who is with us during the day this week. Aron had been jabbering about “goggies” and such and Madison asked him what the doggy says. He first gave her a very strange look and finally after being asked a few times responded, “goggy says warp! warp!” His barks are very high pitched and quick.

He’s been singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with enthusiasm and will often be heard singing, “Happy…Know…Amen!” and clapping his hands as he repeats it over and over.

His giddy squeals and excited prancing at the site of dogs and cats is so cute and fun. I am enjoying his joy.

I wish I could write more accurately and give an account that allowed you to see how fun he is right now. Most of you have had toddlers and you know how sweet it is to be hugged tightly by pudgy arms and how sweet it is to kiss little soft cheeks and tussle little curls. You probably know what it feels like to make a little one laugh hysterically and how exciting it is to see and hear them learning and acknowledging the experiences they have. How heartbreaking it is to see them fall and how comforting it is to be able to hug away whatever made them cry. Aron is everything a little boy ought to be at this age and I only wish I could keep him from growing any bigger too soon.