Aron has been yucky. He has had a cold that is keeping him snotty and occasionally fevered. Though the other boys have been up and down with similar symptoms it has remained more consistent in Aron. I think that is due to the fact that he’s teething.

The remarkable thing, at least I think it’s remarkable, is that on Sunday when I held a tissue up to his nose he immediately blew his nose. I don’t know when kids are supposed to learn that, but neither of my other boys learned it until much later. They just didn’t get it. Aron is blowing his nose like a pro and it really makes the whole cold thing a lot easier. I’m so impressed.

He is talking a blue streak too. I still can’t really say what all he is trying to get out but he is constant jabber. He expresses himself with feeling and direction and seems to think it’s funny when I respond. He laughs a lot. He cries a lot too but I’ve never seen a little one so eager to laugh. He just giggles at things.

Here is a brief and incomplete list of things he tries to say:
watch this
come here

He is very good at a few words like:
go, go, go
and NO

He makes noise sometimes to just communicate urgency or need. He will point his finger and direct you to what he’s after and when you hold it or acknowledge it he nods with a very serious expression on his face.

He is walking very well. He is almost running. On the smoother more slippery places he is more cautious and high steps a bit to keep himself upright. He is a very determined little guy.

So the wonders of toddler-hood are fully functioning in Aron and we are so blessed to be able to enjoy his discoveries and accomplishments.


Aron has been sadly neglected in the blogging arena. If you check in often you are probably also disappointed often. The lack of posts has nothing to do with a lack of advancement in Aron’s growth and achievement. He is all about progress.

Now at 16 months he is beginning to see the benefits of walking wherever he is. He is like his brothers in the fact that he waited a long time to begin, but unlike them, he is making the switch a little more decidedly. It was as if yesterday morning he was crawling and by yesterday afternoon that wasn’t good enough. He is walking, stumbling and squealing with delight wherever he goes. Occasionally he reverts back to all fours when he’s exhausted but he certainly has a determination to be upright now.

He is also exercising his linguistic abilities. He is saying a lot of fun things lately and expressing himself with joyful pride in what he hears coming out of his own mouth. Because he loves stuffed animals, one of the most common things we hear is the word “bear”, which he says sort of like “bee-are.” Of course “mommy,” “daddy” and “NO” are regular participants in Aron’s vocabulary and he’s picked up “Thank you,” pronounced oddly and difficult to spell out, but certainly it is “thank you.” All three boys were quick to use “thank you” and I love that. He isn’t as happy about using “yes.” Owen was very happy to say “yes” to everything and it was one of Ivan’s first words too. We were so glad that they picked that to say instead of “NO!” Though Aron uses the word “yes,” he is more apt to shout a “no” to things and it is very clear. I really believe that because we practiced not shouting “no” at the boys constantly they were not so quick to pick that up as a retort. Aron, however, has two older brothers who are easily frustrated when he plays with their toys or gets into their things, he hears “no” a little more frequently and a little more forcefully than they did.

He can ask for certain things and really tries to pronounce whatever he hears from his brothers. When we are in the van he will repeat sounds he hears from them and me and we all have a cackle at his interpretation of words. He also sings with us and dances and mimics whatever he can. He is more active, squirmy and energetic than his brothers were at this stage which is something that made me glad that he waited to walk until 16 months. People look at me sort of funny when I tell them how long it took my boys to walk, but I really don’t care as long as they all do it.

So we are seeing the blossoming of boyhood and when it happens it happens quickly. I’m so grateful for my little boy and his wonderful personality and quirks. It is fun to be mom to such a gift as Aron.