New Heights

Aron is quite a kid. He’s such a sweet heart with his full body wrap around hugs and ever ready kisses.

He is following in his brother’s lack of footsteps by waiting to walk. We are past the 13 months point and he has surpassed them by standing on his own the other day. So we may see him begin walking a little earlier than Owen and Ivan but I’m not rushing it. He is just now climbing the stairs. He climbed at my dad’s house which is preferable for leaning that skill as there are only 8 steps and there is carpet at the bottom. Once we were home he tackled the climb here and has done a wonderful job of it. His patience in attempting it has brought him to a more mature stage and he seems very aware that the stairs require his full attention when he is climbing. He is also smart enough to know not to try going down yet.

He is already forming words and mimicking words and sounds we make. The song from the previous post is one thing he does quite often. He also loves to say “uh-oh” which he learned while grandma was visiting last month. I’ve noticed that he uses it when he wants something to go down, not just when something has fallen. For instance…when he wants me to put him down on the floor to play he points to the floor and says “uh-oh”, pretty cute. On Sunday morning we were waiting in a traffic line to get out of the church and I think one of us must have said, “go, go, go” to another car because he was saying it all the way home. He squeezes his lips together so cute when he says it to get that “o” sound out.

When we had Aron’s 12 month check-up the doctor suggested I feed him a little more and give him whole milk because he felt his weight was a little down. All the boys got the same report at 12 months so I didn’t take it too seriously. They all three started out above average in weight and then tapered off to average or a little below around one year. I agreed that I could offer him more as he seems to have a good appetite. So we’ve been trying more and more foods and HE LOVES EVERYTHING! It’s so fun to feed him. I’ve never experienced this as a mom before and it’s really fun to cook for him. Tonight I let the other two eat meatloaf and potatoes (which they still complained about) and Aron and I ate meatloaf, potatoes and green beans. He ate them like candy and I was so thrilled to actually have a son who eats vegetables, I got out the camera and took pictures. It’s not the first time he’s had them but it’s the first time he’s had them whole. Mushy baby food isn’t a true test of a vegetable eater I’ve found. Texture has a lot to do with the likes and dislikes of my picky boys.