Aron is mimicking things all the time lately. He applauds with crowds, he laughs with us around the dinner table and folds his hands, fingers all tangled together, when we pray at bedtime.

He is definitely our most affectionate baby with hugs and pats and kisses galore. he is not satisfied to simply be picked up…he nestles in and lays his head down sweetly to make sure he’s good and loved. He loves stuffed animals and is comforted by his fluffy little piglet doll every night when it is time to lie down.

He still sucks his fingers and isn’t in any hurry to walk but he is up on his hands and knees a lot more now. The army crawl still gets lots of use but it is disappearing slowly.

This evening while the bigger boys were getting a bath, he and I played with Lego blocks in the playroom. Ivan had made a simple airplane earlier that day and I zoomed it in circles around Aron’s head. He took it from me and began “bzzzz…”ing around as well.

I am enjoying his little quirks and his desire to be funny and make us laugh. He certainly likes attention. He is also learning to obey. Upon command yesterday he left the boys room and crawled to the playroom. Granted I had to tell him again when he came back, but he obeyed again and cried hysterically both times. Poor kid.

We have been so busy this month I have failed to take very many pictures and I certainly haven’t taken the time to upload and resize any of them. I will make up for it as soon as I can. Until then…trust me…he’s really cute.

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