Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe Aron is nearly one year old. How time flies.

His jabbering has increased his understanding of what we say is incredible and he’s very active around the house. He is my first aggressive cupboard cleaner. The other two played a little in the kitchen cabinets but didn’t seem too interested. Ivan got into the pantry some, but Aron really enjoys opening the doors and pulling out what’s inside. So far we’ve had no major catastrophes but I have started packing all the lower cupboards for our move first in an effort to keep it that way.

Aron likes to use his feet. If his arms cannot reach something he does not get upset. He simply reaches with his legs and feet. I have to watch where I put things because even when strapped down he is very good at grabbing with his feet and pulling things within reach of his hands and mouth. He is a bit of a monkey…and I love it.

He is still eating very well. He only rejects food that is too cold. Even ice-cream gets a pouty face and a quick ejection from his mouth. Room temperature is preferable in all cases. Every vegetable and fruit has gained acceptance and he loves eating bananas. He giggles when I pull one out and loves to hold them himself.

He has begun nodding when we ask a question. He will occasionally shake his head too but usually he responds with very determined nods and raised eyebrows. All of our boys have been positive. They seem to have all learned “yes”, before they learned “no.”

He is saying “daddy” very clearly and will yell it out when Kris arrives home from work. Mommy is a little less clear. It sounds more like “bobby.”

Just two weeks away from the 12 month mark I am enjoying him so much. It’s going to be hard watching him grow older and knowing there are no babies to follow. I hope and pray I do not baby him too much.

One thought on “Hard to Believe”

  1. Ha! Or you could be like us and *think* that there are no babies to follow and then- TA DAH! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your family next week for his birthday celebration. I’ll hardly recognize the birthday boy, huh?

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