My Aron, My Aron

What a hoot Aron has turned out to be. His Magoo smiles are lessening and little teeth are taking the place of gummy smiles. He is recognizing words very well and answers questions in his own little way. He responds with gibberish when we hand him something and speaks to inanimate objects with lots of expression.

This morning I had to drop off a check at the school office and one of the staff asked Aron if he were ready for school. He smiled politely and shook his head emphatically. More and more he responds appropriately with shakes and nods. He hates laying down to have his diaper changed and yesterday as I put him on the changing table I asked him if he would like his diaper changed and some church clothes. He quickly shook his head no. I got tickled and changed him anyway of course. Usually he will nod if I ask him if he is handsome.

He loves to crawl the length of the couch and climb over pillows and blankets along the way. This afternoon, Owen pulled all the throw pillows off the couch and laid them end to end on the floor in front of the couch. Then he showed Aron how to fall off the couch onto the pillows. Before I could protest to all this nonsense I was able to witness Aron diving off the couch head first onto the pillows and giggling as he waited for Owen to lift him back up for a second try.

Life with three little boys has it’s challenges but I am more and more thrilled with the opportunity to be eye witness to the beginnings of the great things God has in mind for them.