Getting to Know Aron

Aron is a mixture of great joy and great sorrow. He laughs and plays for all he’s worth and cries and screams with all he has. When he is quiet, he is very, very quiet and when he is hungry he is completely focused on getting what he wants.

I am enjoying his personality a great deal, though that insistence he seems to have for being within two feet of me at all times is a bit annoying. He does fine for other people it seems and once he gets used to being upstairs while I’m down he can play by himself pretty well, but it takes him a while to content himself to be where I’m not. When we play though, he is wonderfully jovial and giggly. He’s fun to tickle and make faces and noises to. I find him wonderfully squeezable and delightfully affectionate.

He is still doing his army low crawl, but once in a while finds it more effective to get up on his knees for a while. He still doesn’t use his hands, just elbows and knees. His jabber is fun. He is very obviously trying to copy what we say and seems to have an ability to repeat the silly sounds we make. He waves and reaches with an accepting outstretched hand. He claps and beats his hands with gusto. When I reach for him he will grab my hands and place them right where he wants them so that I can lift him up.

Nine months is right around the corner and it’s hard to believe what a big boy he is already. I’m enjoying getting to know little Aron and can’t wait to see what the next few months reveal about him.

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