Up On Your Feet!

Aron has pulled himself up to his feet twice today. I don’t have a picture of it but wanted to make a note here and just add a picture for the sake of sharing the cuteness. He is more and more independent and gets around so well. He’s still not up on his knees crawling but the army crawl is pretty effective.


Today we visited Reubmommy again and she had some chocolate pudding in the fridge and wanted to share it with her great grandsons. I wasn’t too excited about the idea of Aron partaking in chocolate pudding, but when she asked if she could feed it to him I couldn’t refuse. Still in his car seat I strapped a bib on him and she started in. I was busy with Ivan, and Owen was on his own at the kitchen counter. There were lots of giggles coming from the little area where Aron and Reubmommy were sharing a pudding cup. It wasn’t the repetitive chuckles from Aron I was hearing, it was the silvery sound of his 94 year old great-grandma shaking with giggles as the two of them managed to cover him and his car seat with chocolate pudding. Normally this type of mess would bother me, but when I saw the two of them pleasing each other so completely it was a joy to wipe away the sticky sweet mess from eye lashes to chubby knees.