Aron is mobile. He has been working hard at getting around and is officially on the move as of this weekend. On Saturday, Kris watched him maneuver himself into a position on the floor so that he could push himself forward enough to get a look into the kitchen where I was working. On Sunday I put him on the floor with a toy and he lowered himself to his belly and moved from my chair to the back of the couch to the kitchen about 15 feet or so from where he started. Yesterday and today has been more of the same. He directs himself and works his way to where he wants to go with arms and legs working hard to scoot that belly along. He will get up on his hands and knees but hasn’t quite figured out how to move that way.

Owen and Ivan love playing with him and seem to enjoy all of his progress. Owen told me today that “Aron knows his name.” He proceeded to call him to get his attention and Aron responded obediently. Ivan is full of affection, giving hugs and kisses whenever he can and making certain that Aron knows “I yuh you!”

We are just a couple days away from seven months and Aron is eating very well. I’ve started giving him a little cereal now and then and today I gave him half a jar of apples and blueberries. He really enjoyed it and did better with the spoon than ever before. He feels the need to put his fingers in his mouth after every bite. I think he’s convinced that swallowing can only be accomplished if he’s sucking on something. I held his hands down and he did much better and made less mess.

He is pretty demanding and loud when at home. The nursery workers at church seem to think he’s an excellent and complacent child, but it’s different when I’m where he can see me. If I so much as turn my back to him he lets out a wail that makes me cringe. I think his new found mobility will help in this area and I’m looking forward to it. He’s a real joy to hold and cuddle as he is more of a “clinger” than the other two were. When I pick him up he grabs hold with his arms, legs, fingers and toes and sticks to me like Velcro. I have always enjoyed babies like that and hoped that one of mine would have those monkey characteristics. Finally got my monkey.