Finger Lickin’ Good

More often than not, this is the scene on Aron’s face. Two fingers, sometimes three, sometimes four but usually two, stuck in his mouth pacifying him. He takes a pacifier as well but whenever it falls out which happens frequently, the fingers are a grand substitute. I should have known I couldn’t get away with three pacifier babies…I have to have at least one finger sucker.

Since I last updated this blog, Aron has been growing and strengthening everything. He’s a big boy with bright eyes and seems to enjoy his current glimpse of life. His height is off the charts and weight is a little above average for his three months and he’s eager to sit, stand, bounce and be involved in whatever is happening around him. His smile is contagious and his babble is very passionate. He talks when he cries as if to tell me what it is that’s bothering him. He talks when he laughs as if to share the joke. It’s very sweet and I’m enjoying the blossoming of his personality.