4 Weeks

Aron is 4 weeks old today and we celebrated with a check up at the doctor’s office. He is doing well, and has grown a half inch in length and a full pound in weight since his birth. Putting his stats at: 11 lbs. 2 oz. and 23 inches long. He is very alert, looking around and holding his head up quite a bit. He is strong and loud and likes to eat. He sleeps pretty well at night often sleeping for 6 hours the first stretch of the night and then 3 hour increments thereafter.

I have not been able to catch it on camera but he smiles fairly frequently. I know it’s early to claim smiles but I am not exaggerating. He has been smiling for quite a while but the past week he’s really turned on his grin. I sit with the other mothers in the “nursing mother’s room” during church and one of them asked if the others had smiled yet. Everyone said 6 weeks as the time their child or previous child had smiled for them. I said nothing for fear of argument or disbelief. I know my baby smiles, that’s all that matters.

Yesterday, I put some pajamas on him that Owen wore his first month and he looked just like Owen did. I was amazed at the resemblance. At birth I thought he looked more like Ivan but he has changed and most likely will continue to do so taking on different features of his brothers as he grows. Right now his eyes have not become a decided color but my guess is that they will be brown.

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