First Doctor Visit

Aron had his first doctor visit this morning. I ended up taking all three boys along which didn’t go too badly. Owen impressed everyone in the waiting room by counting the 36 beads on the table top toy. Ivan did pretty well but kept telling me that he had poo poo’ed in his diaper when in fact he hadn’t. I suppose he was passing gas and in respect to the difference I am thankful. Our appointment was at 9:30 and I had fed Aron at 8:15 so I felt confident that we would be in and out before I would need to feed him again. I was wrong. He started crying on cue at 10:15 while we were still seated in the waiting room. I decided to just ask them for a room to nurse him and just as I was finishing that little chore the doctor came in to check him out. All is well. He’s big strong and healthy. He’s weighing in at 10 lbs. and 1/4 oz.

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