Aron is approaching his due date (September 18) and growing consistently. He and I have our appointments with Kathy the midwife once a week and both of us are doing well. I did test positive for Group B Strep a while back so I am taking precautions for that. Other than that, there is nothing negative keeping us from looking forward to labor and delivery. He feels extremely large and I’m certainly sore and uncomfortable but what expectant mother doesn’t feel that way at nine months?

I am getting more and more impatient to know who he is, what he looks like and how he’ll react to sunshine and faces. He’s certainly a different personality than his brothers, his movement is different and it is the only way I can determine who he is at this point. He does seem very strong, his movements seem very forceful and determined.

Owen has decided that he will have brown eyes. I will be interested to see what color his hair and eyes are. The other two being so different it will be fun to see what combination Aron comes up with.

I hope to post of his birth very soon. In the mean time we are waiting and trying to do so patiently. Excitement is in the air.

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